Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Medal of Honor (PC) Muliplayer Review

  Unlike the single player campaign, the multiplayer version of Medal of Honor was produced by DICE, the developer behind the Battlefield series. So it has a different feel to it, it has the same shooting mechanics but seems to be more polished and better outfitted to allow player vs. player combat. Along with the slight combat tweaks you will also notice that the prone position and "peak" moves are also changed, by changed I mean not there. I applaud this decision to eliminate those postures in the name of fair game play,  a sniper in prone is a sniper unseen, and those assholes shouldn't be given such a small body profile!

 Speaking of snipers, this game now renames the class to "Recon" along with "Assault" and "Spec. Ops.". Each class has a very different feel to it, while the Spec. Ops. and Assault characters both posses full auto assault rifles, the former has properly imposed limits to allow it to play a backup roll to the shock troop Assault class and keeps it from taking the lime light in person to person combat. The Spec. Ops class however does exceed any other class in long range vehicle demolition, courtesy of its ridiculously accurate rocket propelled death grenades. When used properly these weapons can be used to sharp shoot medium range targets very successfully, I would almost call it unfair but it's just part of DICEes balancing act. Even though the 2 shot RPGs are very accurate, its assault rifle has a pitiful starting range and seems to allow it a limited chance at taking out distant targets harassing it. So far I would say that this game is fairly well balanced, which can be a difficult task in any multilayer game.

 Even though the game might be balanced, it does have it's hiccups. One of the most infuriating ones is its hit detection, not only can it cause you to lose your (Call of Duty like) kill streaks, it will cause you to kill yourself and your team mates if you don't watch out. This applies to your traditional weapons and also your, for the lack of a better term, laser targeting binoculars. Multiple times in a match I will find myself peaking out of cover in a hail of distant gunfire to attempt to silence my enemy with an artillery strike, only to have it target the wall 3 feet to my right, FUCK RUN! I have gotten into the habit of targeting something and then running away, just to be safe.

  If I was to compare the single player and multiplayer games, the multiplayer would defiantly come out on top.


  1. wow, you make it sound so cool, i might actually have to try it out!

  2. Awesome, I'm always looking for a fun game to play with friends.

  3. When I read all those reviews around blogspot I wish I had better computer :< time to buy new one I guess :)